IP translation problem (continued)

Marc Saurfelt (msaurfelt@acorus.fr)
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 10:42:28 +1

Thanks to Mike Baranowski for his answer.

I have some complementary information on my problem :

I tried White Pine CU-seeme 2.11 and Cornell CU-seeme
0.92b2 for Win95

>From what I can see, my Congo router keeps the ports used by CU-seeme
in his translation (with 0.92b2, it seems to be only 7648 or 49).
Maybe the packets sent by the "chat" are a little bit different than
the video packets

Here is my original message for those who haven't seen it :

>I have installed recently an ACC Congo ISDN router to connect to my
>ISP. This router does automatic address translation between my local
>Ethernet and the IP given by the ISP.

>Everything works fine, except that when I connect to a CU-seeme ref.
>people never see what I type in the "chat" window (I see it). They
>have my video and I have theirs, and I have also the messages of the
>chat window.

>If anybody has an idea about what's going on, I'll be very happy !

Marc Saurfelt