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ulli wrote:
> hi there!
> i am using cu-seeme for the first time and like to know how
> to get a connection to a public reflector, because always, when i
> insert a certain ip the answer message is "no response"!
> performing a "ping" to that site will result in a "time out".
> are ALL reflectors DOWN that i tried?(i tried about 12)
> i suppose that i use the wrong method somehow.
> ulli
Go to the reflector lists or use Cekal's CUSDIAL.
A nice feature in CuSdial is that you can mark the list of reflectors so
you can go back to them again.
At http://www.minet.ca/~rcekal/index4.htm you will find the instructions
for retrieving and installing various lists.
Make sure your recieve and transmit rate are set correctly and be aware
that firewalls will cause problems.

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