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Tue, 05 Aug 1997 22:08:53 -0500

Gareth Clatworthy wrote:
> Hello All
> I'm sure this is a FAQ but i dont know where they are stored !
> I would like to use my video camera (PAL) and a Hauppauge Win/TV card
> with CU-SEEME.
> I can recieve video and connect to reflectors etc, but when I go into
> File: Video setup there are no more menus !
> I've installed MS Video for windows from a magazine cover CD but that
> doesnt seem to help. I seem to be missing a driver that is not on any
> of the WIN/TV installation disks or on Hauppauges WEB page
> I'm sure someone must have doen this before. Has anyone got any tips
> ?
> Here are the details
> Capture Card
> Hauppauge Win/TV Prism YUV411 (512K)
> Software version 3.83
> PCVIDEO.DLL 3.83.02
> works fine at displaying and saving images but not with cuseeme !
> Downloaded from
> version W 0.84B7
One thing I know 4 shur, you will not get that thing to work unless you
use 15 bit RGB format. You will get "Error: Unable to draw this data
format." and then "Unsupported video capture setting." I don't know
about PAL with CU. This is what I use on my Hauppauge WinTV with NTSC-M.
Also, make sure you load the Hauppauge software first then CU. You might
also try deleting the CU-Seeme.ini file in your \win directory. When you
start CU again, you will have to redo the preferences.
More troubles? Send to <>.
BTW, CU works so much better with Win 95!

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