Snappy goes to sleep

matt nichols (
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 08:59:45 -0400

Hi all. This is my first post to the group, so please forgive me if
this is
a redundant question. I'm trying to kludge together the Snappy preview
window with a shareware (freeware?) program called CUdoodle to make it
work with
CUseeme (or Microsoft's Netmeeting)? The trouble is the Snappy has a
feature which is meant to make the battery last longer. It makes the
preview window
shut off, or into a "sleep" mode after about a minute or so.

You can defeat the Snappy "sleep" mode (to a degree) by making this
change to the Snappy.ini file


This will keep the preview mode from sleeping as long as the preview
window is the active window on your screen. The part of the problem I
haven't worked out is how to keep the preview window from going into
sleep mode when I'm in another window, (say the chat window). Does
anyone know a work around for this? I have the Snappy version 1.0

Also, for anyone else trying this, supposedly you get more reliable
operation from the Snappy preview window if you set: