Re: PPC Performa Freezes

Nick Faba (
Fri, 08 Aug 1997 22:29:31 -0400

I hate to sound patronizing, but I am of the mind that any activity on
this thing we call the web leads to freezes from time to time. Moreso,
I do have a similar system and experience some freezes with it.
Sometimes it runs great for hours. I find it really depends upon what
else you are running concurrently.

I would heartily recommend the new 3.0 version, (yes, sorry, I'm telling
you to actually buy software) I was just at MacWorld and saw the White
Pine booth. The new product looks great! Also, according to the
"exhibitionists" oops I guess that's exhibitORS at MW, some known bugs
have been taken out.

Have fun.