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Mon, 11 Aug 1997 11:56:35 +0100

Dear Kev

> Im having similar problems with Win/TV pci. I know that there should
According to Hauppage you should be OK
> be a reference in the drivers section of the system.ini that should
> say:
> msvideo=???
> but I do not seem to have it. Have you got this entry? If so please
> could yoy tell me what it is, or let me know how you solve your
> probelm.

I have come to the same conclusion I have contacted tech support who
were not much use.

I think that it should be possible to write a driver, I dont expect a
full 800x600 at 25 fps but i'm sure 160x120 at 2 fps should be
possible even across the ISA bus without interrupts.

I have had some small sucsess using CUdoodle, the clip board viewer
and control C in win tv but this is not elagant !

heres what i got from tech support :-

From: Bill Voccia <>
Organization: Hauppauge Computer Works
Date sent: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 13:00:06
Subject: RE: Win TV Prism with CU-Seeme
To: Gareth Clatworthy <>

Video capture support is not intended for the Prism card.
Contact our sales department in regards to upgrades/ offers etc.- Regards.

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From: Gareth Clatworthy
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Subject: RE: Win TV Prism with CU-Seeme

>>Unfortunately, this would not be possible with the Prism board, as
>>the Prism does not have capture drivers-which would be needed to
>>interface with video conferencing applications. Our Win/tv PCI card
>>would be the optimal board to use with videoconferencing software.

>oh dear thats a bit sad

>Are there any plans to write a driver ?

> Our Win/tv PCI card would be the optimal board to use with
> videoconferencing software.

Do you offer any reduced cost upgrade paths ?

> Kevin
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