Video Spigot card tech problem

The Marzio School (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 11:00:52 +0000

Problem : How to get started on CUSeeMe before the one month demo runs out,
using :

The video spigot capture card, manufactured in 1992, which now works great
on my pentium in win 95 thanks to the drivers downloaded from Bill
Woodland's homepage.

After installing CUSeeMe demo version 3, and whenever I launch the program,
I get this message:
The video subsystem has reported the following error:"" (sic)

I think one of the problems I have is the fact that the Spigot outputs at
less than 160x120 or more than 160x120, and if I understand correctly,
output must be *exactly* 160x120 (??). Apparently, the CUDoodle won't work
with the card for the same reason. Other parameters seem OK. The 8-bit
palletized or YUV 4:2:2 non-compressed formats might be OK, but would my
Matrox Millenium graphics card add any problems ?

On the on the Cornell U site, where all the compatible and incompatible
cards are listed, it says that some users have reported success with this
card in CUSeeMe, but I just can't find who or how.

Anybody using this card, or any ideas for similar problem, I would greatly
appreciate an answer (it kills me to throw out any equipment when a little
bit of knowledge might get it working!).

Mike Marzio