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Si Ballenger (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 00:11:57 -0400

At 06:33 PM 8/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>We are trying to setup a trade show booth that would "broadcast" a live
>picture and audio from the booth. We would like to set this up so the
>companies' distributors could log on to the sight and see the action
>from the booth and perhaps speak to people in the booth. Is CU Seemee
>either basic or enhanced the tool that we need. Can anyone refer us to
>information on how to setup such a site?
>Ric Murray

An alternative experiment would be to setup a webcam using software like
webcam32 or ISpy to provide a look at the show. The video could be sent to
another webserver that had better net connections for distribution to
individual web viewers. The two way communication could be handled by some
direct chat/audio program like powwow or one of the web phones. I've been
tinkering with setting up a similar thing on the company intranet using the
webcam for the video feed and the old tried and true conference call for the
audio. If you used a camcorder with a capture card for the video, you could
have better color and distance/closeup capabilitys. Hey, get a wireless
video sender for the camcorder and its receiver to input the feed to the pc,
and you can have a ramblin' cam.