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Rolf Hemmerling (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 08:02:12 +0200

Ric Murray wrote:
> We are trying to setup a trade show booth that would "broadcast" a live
> picture and audio from the booth. We would like to set this up so the
> companies' distributors could log on to the sight and see the action
> from the booth and perhaps speak to people in the booth. Is CU Seemee
> either basic or enhanced the tool that we need. Can anyone refer us to
> information on how to setup such a site?
> Ric Murray
Check WEBCAST: The users log on a HTML page, and may chat with the
webcam location. The free lite version does not allow this chat, as the
beta version did. It was great, the beta version.

See link on my homepage about iphones


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