Re: Can't open MACTCP

John Ingham (
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 17:20:06 +0930

Tom, I'm sorry I can't be of direct use to you except to say that you may
actually have MacTCP or MacTCP DNR on your machine without knowing it. I
have noticed that when switching between "Classic Mac Networking" and "Open
Transport", MacTCP mysteriously disappears and reappears. You can search
using "Command F" but you won't find it even though its there! I can only
think that it becomes "hidden" when not required.

Even though you can't run "Classic Mac Networking" on a PCI Mac, I have
seen that error message calling for MacTCP and its cure was not to load
MacTCP - it only "vanishes" again! I think the error message is actually
trying to say something else to you - I wish I could remember what - but it
was written in the days before TCP/IP and so it's misleading.

>Thanks for all your responses so far.
>I downloaded and re-installed CU (WP 2.0) and I do not have MacTCP
>anywhere on my machine, but when I start CU it still call for MacTCP and
>gives me the error.
>Using the TCP/IP control panel and all other internet apps are
>functioning fine (netscape, eudora, fetch, etc).
>Still looking for Ideas!
>Thanks again.

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