Gethostname () failed (10014)

Stephanie McLaughlin (
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 13:32:22 -0400 (EDT)

Yes, another Gethostname problem. I've consulted appropriate FAQs as
well as some archived listserv messages and various folks' websites
relating to Cu-SeeMe; no luck. Here are the gory details of the error
message and the various remedies I've tried:

I've installed Cornell's CU-SeeMe software for Windows 3.1 (W0.84B7) on an
IBM ValuePoint PC running Lan Workplace software. When I launch CU-SeeMe,
I receive the following error/info boxes:

1) Gethostname() failed (10014)
I select OK

2) Would you like to open the CU-SeeMe Help file?
I select NO

3) Problems with the Receive Network Initialization. CU-SeeMe will
I select OK, but CU-SeeMe does not exit

4) Unable to create the (invisible) Network window.
I select OK

5) CU-SeeMe opens the main window and a "working" camera window.
However, under the conference menu selection, the connect option
is inoperative.

Here's some additional info:

1) My PC has a STATIC IP address and is defined in the DNS.

2) Lan Workplace is successfully resolving various IP addresses:
I can perform IP Resolve and Pings on my PC's address and
name as well as IP addresses of other reflectors.

3) NO firewalls.

4) NO TIA.

5) I've tried the various FAQ suggestions re:this error and Lan

- To be safe, created a hosts file, with my PC's IP address and
nickname, in the same directory as the winsock.dll. I've
used the PC nickname with and without the domain name.

- Adding tcp_sockets, udp_sockets, raw_sockets info to the
net.cfg file.

Suggestions, anyone?

Thanks "ahead of time",

Stef McLaughlin