Re: use printer port 2

Gerry (
Sat, 16 Aug 1997 10:18:41 +0100

In message <>, "Mark L. Bardenwerper"
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>James Meuse wrote:
>> Is it possible to assign in some manner CuSeeMe to use printer port
>> 2.This would eliminate Having to use a switch box.Tnx
>Printer port-parallel port: same ting. I have a parallel card that is
>set to LPT 2. I have the printer set to use LPT2 and my Quickcam used to
>use LPT 1. I use a vid cap card now. You must put the cam on 1, or it
>won't work right. I never owned a switch box.
>Parallel cards are very cheap, only about $15-25. Easy to install, too.
Mark, your comments are interesting - I installed a second printer port
as lpt2 and the cam works fine on lpt2 with the printer on lpt1. Other
than the installation of the parallel card I dont remember having to do
another other changes. It was several months ago and everything is
working fine.