Connection type

Mark Rogerson (
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 12:10:39 -0400

Hi All,
I have just recently started to use CU-seeme and I like it. So far
I have only used it with a reflector. My question is this - I work just a
few miles from my home and I have computers both places, is there a
connection I can make between the two computers (over the phone line but
through the Internet) that I could then use CUseeme across? Would a
client-server connection work? Wincom? I haven't learned computers from the
ground up, so there are a lot of gaps in my understanding of how things
I do have a second question of lesser concern. The picture quality
on my "local video window" is not near as nice as the video I receive. Is
this normal? Or is it because I am using Quickcam2 set on 256 grays?
Thanks for your help,