Re: Sound

Justinus Andjarwirawan (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 08:31:23 +0700 (JVT)

I've had a same problem. I have all sound shut. If you look at the Control
Panel, System, Multimedia, the sound card is disabled. And after that
the CU-Seeme itself shuts down because of an error (some kind of general
protection error). I assumed this is an error with the kernel when the CPU
load gets high.

On Sun, 17 Aug 1997, Rick Miller wrote:

> Hello everyone . I have a question. I am running Win 95, Pentium
> 200, using Qcam,camera. When I have CUSeeme open on my desktop , I loose
> all sounds from my computer. I can minimize a window such as CuSeeMe and
> I get no action sounds whatsoever, I can close CUSeeMe and open and
> close windows and get my sounds back . Once during a time when I had
> CuSeeMe open I had them . Please help , I am confused. I am a novice at
> this so details would help ! Thanks in advance
> Rick