Network Address Translation for Netopia

Mike Baranowski (
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 20:57:59 -0500

Farallon has posted a beta version of firmware for their Netopia Router.

Beta Release Notes For 3.1 Firmware:

The following is available or has changed in the Beta release of 3.1:

Revised and enhanced UI.
CUSeeMe support with NAT.
Support for PPP or HDLC (Cisco-style only) as the datalink protocol.
Numbered interface support.
SecureID support.
Switched or permanent line support.
BAP/BACP support.
ACO problems fixed.
Hard coded filter now included to prevent Quark XPress from bringing up
an AURP tunnel.
PPTP now works with NAT and exported services.
Local DNS resolution with NAT fixed.

For firmware, Keep
in mind this is beta!

-Mike Baranowski