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Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 21:27:41 -0500

Rick Miller wrote:
> Hello everyone . I have a question. I am running Win 95, Pentium
> 200, using Qcam,camera. When I have CUSeeme open on my desktop , I loose
> all sounds from my computer. I can minimize a window such as CuSeeMe and
> I get no action sounds whatsoever, I can close CUSeeMe and open and
> close windows and get my sounds back . Once during a time when I had
> CuSeeMe open I had them . Please help , I am confused. I am a novice at
> this so details would help ! Thanks in advance
> Rick
Sounds like a hardware conflict. Check your hardware setup in the Device
Manager by right-clicking on My Computer, clicking on Device Manager,
clicking Print and reading the IRQ info.
You can also look at possible conflicts in each device by double
clicking each item on the tree and looking for exclamation points. I
don't have my books with me right now, 'cause they're packed away (I am
about to move), so could someone help this chap if he askes more
questions on this subject?
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