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Bill Woodland (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 21:59:23 -0500

At 11:52 PM 8/17/97 +0200, Rolf Hemmerling wrote:
>James Meuse wrote:
>> Is it possible to assign in some manner CuSeeMe to use printer port
>> 2.This would eliminate Having to use a switch box.Tnx >=
>If You are using WIN95 or WFW3.1 or WIN3.1.. please continue reading:
>If You are using a Quickcam - then it *should* work on any printer
>port (although I did not succeed, at first). You may try with the cam
>capture software, not with CU-SEEME. In fact, I don=B4t understand the
>algorithm by which the Quickcam driver is looking (shall look) for a

FYI from

"When the processor is not actively managing the QC, the QC emits a 5 Hz
stream of ones and zeroes. This is probably how they detect which parallel
port has the QC -- just monitor all of the parallel ports and pick the one
that's wiggling. "

Lots more interesting Quickcam info at this page:

and here's another page with some interesting Quickcam info:

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