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Bill Woodland (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 22:41:51 -0500

At 04:11 PM 8/15/97 -0400, Brian E. Young wrote:
>Anyone know how to tell CU-SeeMe (Cornell version 0.92b2) which NIC to
>use. I have two NICs in my machine and it insists on using the LAN card
>rather than the 'Net card.
>Thanks in advance,
>- brian

This is a repost of my previous message:

>Several people have asked me how to deal with this problem, and I had yet
>to come up with a workable solution. John Golini of Los Gatos, CA sent me
>this info, which seems to be the easiest workaround for this particular
>problem. His instructions are for Windows NT, so it will be slightly
>different for Win95 users, but the basic idea should still work:
>>When you have both a dial-up network and a local network, there are two
>>different IP addresses for your system, one for your network adaptor and
>>one for the dial-up connection. CU-seeme v92b2 grabs the wrong one when=
>>starts up and fails to talk on the modem.
>>The work around is to do the following:
>>1. before starting cu-seeme connect the dial-up and note the IP address
>>using dial up network monitor/summary/details.
>>2. Go to control panel/network/protocols/tcp/ip protocol/properties and
>>change the specified IP address (of your network adaptor) to the dial-up=
>>address, press the APPLY button.
>>3. Start CU-seeme v92b2, it should get the dial-up IP address, DO NOT
>>4. Go back and change the network adaptor IP address back to what it was,
>>and exit with OK.
>>Now you can run until you have to re-start CU-seeme, or the connection
>>breaks and you have to dial in and get a different IP address.

I've heard from several Windows 95 users that this does NOT work, because
you HAVE to restart windows after making the change. I haven't tried this
myself. I'm just offering it as a POSIBLE solution.

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