Re: use printer port 2

Kevin McCluskey (
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 08:32:55 -0300

Gee all this talk about lpt2..... I have 2 parallel ports and am using
win95 and QC.

I found it easier to connect the printer to lpt2 since most wrd pro or even
win95 etc allow you to select what port the printer is on. That left me
with lpt1 for the cam. Seems to work fine and was no fuss.

At 11:52 PM 8/17/97 +0200, you wrote:
>James Meuse wrote:
>> Is it possible to assign in some manner CuSeeMe to use printer port
>> 2.This would eliminate Having to use a switch box.Tnx >=
>If You are using WIN95 or WFW3.1 or WIN3.1.. please continue reading:
>If You are using a Quickcam - then it *should* work on any printer
>port (although I did not succeed, at first). You may try with the cam
>capture software, not with CU-SEEME. In fact, I don=B4t understand the
>algorithm by which the Quickcam driver is looking (shall look) for a
>Nevertheless, this is the QUICKCAM.INI file in Your Windows directory.
>Probably it works if You modify the LPT line.
>truckerx wrote:
>> I would first check to make sure that your computer has the IRQ
>> resources left to handle another function such as the card you mention,
>> before you buy it.
>> BPM
>In case of trouble install for LPT1 first (LPT=3D0), and then change
>the entry manually for LPT2 (LPT=3D1), reconnect the cam to LPT2 and
>boot WIN again.
>This all means that the Quickcam driver does not make use of interrupts.
>If this is true, it works. If not, You *must* address an interrupt
>(probably 7) to the LPT2 port. I don=B4t think so, though.
>CU-SEEME and *printing* - is there any printing function in any version
>? The default printer is assigned by the System Manager of Windows.
>If You own a different digital cam for the parallel port, please=20
>look for its initialisation file, or look for parameters in the
>WIN95 registry... uhhhhhhhh :-(=20
>Btw, the COMPRO Digcam allows You to share a printer and the cam the
>same printer port. Nice for WIN95, WFW3.11 and WIN 3.1, but bad for
>LINUX or any other os (if there is a driver source out some day).
>I don=B4t own a MAC. But if You own a PC and meant a totally different
>matter, then please ask again.
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