A few CU pages with lots of good info

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 23:21:24 -0500

No, I'm not talking about my page. Rolf beat me to it...he already has a
link to it :)

Mark Andrew Nassy (nassy@earthlink.net) has done a very nice job of
compiling lots of good CU info into one compact page. His address is:


I was so impressed with the content that I added a link to it on my "CU
Related Links" page, and wanted to praise his good work to all of you
people on the list.

Another page with some good MACintosh info on it is Vickie Paulson's CU
page. She has links there to some MAC related utilities that you might
find helpful. Her page is at:


Most of you probably know about Rolf Hemmerling's CU page by now...if not,
here's the address:


Lots of good CU links there, too.

You can get to either of these, and more, from my "CU Related Links" page.


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