Re: NetMeeting and cudoodle

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 23:28:24 -0500

At 05:03 PM 8/25/97 -0700, ^Tyger wrote:
>I loaded the elements for cudoodle and it works very nicely with CUSeeMe..
>However.. now I can not seem to be able to use my Quick Cam as a video
>source for NetMeeting.
>I have reinstalled NetMeeting.. I have removed the cudoodle entries from
>SYSTEM.INI... but I am still unable to get NetMeeting to recognize the=
>Cam .. any help ??
>^Tyger ,,, :)

This was sent by Rich Kennerly (formerly at Cornell, now at White Pine)
about how to get the Quickcam to work with Win95:

>Here are the steps to take to install a QuickCam with Window '95
>1) Run the QuickCam installer.
>2) Make sure the capture driver, called QUICKCAM.DRV, is in the
> /WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.
>3) Check the file SYSTEM.INI (in the /WINDOWS directory) and make sure
> there's an entry in the [drivers] section for msvideo like this:
> msvideo=3Dquickcam.drv
> If you've had another capture driver installed you might see another
> driver listed as msvideo and another entry, msvideo1=3Dquickcam.drv. In
> this case you should switch the quickcam to be msvideo and the other
> driver to be msvideo1.
>4) Use the Win'95 Control Panel for Multimedia. On the 'Advanced' section,
> double click on the Video Capture Devices icon. You should see an
> entry for QuickCam. Double click on the icon for QuickCam. Make sure
> the "Use the video capture device" choice is selected.
>5) Restart Win'95.

Try this. If that doesn't fix it, send my your system.ini file and I'll
try to advise.

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