Re: Problems with CU-SeeMe and cudoodle

Jason Williams (
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 14:12:56 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Toni Verdu Carbo wrote:
> I'm using CU-SeeMe 0.92b2 on a Win95 system using a B/W QuickCam. It
> works fine, with no problem at all. But now I'm trying to setup CUDOODLE
> program, and I find some difficulties.
> I've copied the "cudoodle.dll" file into the \windows\system
> directory, and set up the two MSVIDEO=cudoodle.dll and MSVIDEO1=quickam.drv
> entries into the "system.ini" file. By now, all seems ok. The captest
> program lets me switch between both capture devices, and both seems to work
> as they should...
> But my problem is: when I start CU-SeeMe program, it ALWAYS gets
> QuickCam as the capture drive! I can't make it start with cudoodle nor can I
> switch to this device! I've tried to change the order of the drivers in the
> "system.ini" file, but it seems to not to care... ALWAYS CU-SeeMe starts
> with QuickCam.

I've done this and encountered the same problem. The problem is the fact
that the Cornell version doesn't let you switch capture devices while
running the program. Here's what I do when I wish to switch back and
forth between my B&W Quickcam, STB/PCI tv/cap card, and CU-Doodle:
1) Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Multimedia
2) Click Advanced
3) Double click Video Capture Devices
4) Go to the CUDoodle device and double click on "Do not
use this video capture device"
5) Go to the Quickcam device and double click on "Use this
video capture device"
6) Click thru all the OKs and then reload CU.

It should work for me anyway and I've toggled thru about 3
different capture devices.
Another thing that I've picked up is that the Quickcam uses the registry
for the MSVIDEO lines instead of in the ini file. That explained why I
couldn't find any MSVIDEO line for the Quickcam.

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