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John Ingham (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 12:55:32 +0930

Doug Macduff recently asked time-zone questions regarding US/Japan. I Live
in Australia at the same time zone (give or take) as Japan, and I too have
a state-side friend.
>From your point of view Doug, always think of your Japanese friend as being
in "tomorrow-land". The only time available to you when you are both awake
is from *your* late-afternoon until *your* bed-time. Which means that the
most practical time for you to connect with her is on *your* Friday and
Saturday evenings, when it is *her* Saturday and Sunday morning/noon-time.
You'll still need to calculate the *exact* time to meet, so phone her at
(say) 7pm one Friday your time to arrange your first connection and ask her
*her* time, compare it with yours and use the information to draw up a
simple table so that you can always check her time from yours.
Daylight saving should not be a problem because you are both in the
northern hemisphere and so you should stay synchronised (not like with my
friend and me who have a + or - 2 hour differential thrown in twice a year!)
I hope these simple tips help.

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