Re: Problems with CU-SeeMe and cudoodle

Toni Verdu Carbo (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 18:55:36 +0200 (METDST)

> I've done this and encountered the same problem. The problem is the fact
> that the Cornell version doesn't let you switch capture devices while
> running the program. Here's what I do when I wish to switch back and
> forth between my B&W Quickcam, STB/PCI tv/cap card, and CU-Doodle:
> 1) Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Multimedia
> 2) Click Advanced
> 3) Double click Video Capture Devices
> 4) Go to the CUDoodle device and double click on "Do not
> use this video capture device"
> 5) Go to the Quickcam device and double click on "Use this
> video capture device"
> 6) Click thru all the OKs and then reload CU.
Yes, I already tried this approach. It works, yes, but there's a
problem: I want to use cudoodle to make some overlay over the image taken
from the QuickCam. If I do what do you suggest, you're rigth, CU-SeeMe
starts with cudoodle as the capture device... but then I can't start
QuickCam capture with QuickPict nor captest software... QuickCam simply
doesn't exist as a capture device at all! :(

> Another thing that I've picked up is that the Quickcam uses the registry
> for the MSVIDEO lines instead of in the ini file. That explained why I
> couldn't find any MSVIDEO line for the Quickcam.
Yes, I noticed it too...



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