new to the list -- with questions

Dave Mason (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 19:07:10 +0200

I've just joined the list and hope to be a active contributor once I learn
to use CU-SeeMe. Up to now I have no experience with video conferencing
and have only seen CU-SeeMe at a trade show.

My primary aim is to use it for video conferencing with my parents. I live
in Germany and have an Apple PowerBook 165 (33MHz, 28.8 modem); my ISP is
WinShuttle ( My parents are in the USA and have a PowerMac
(225MHz, 28.8 modem); their provider is Concentric (
While in the States now at my parents' house, I want to set up and test
CU-SeeMe before returning to Germany.

I have ordered two refurbished grey-scale QuickCams from a mail-order
company, and have downloaded the current Mac version of CU-SeeMe from
Cornell. I saw in a recent message on the CU-SeeMe list that White Pine's
commercial version is the way to go since it provides better compression
for audio and video. My parents and I, though, have limited funds (getting
them the PowerMac was a huge investment) so I need to be careful with
money. I, too, will have to service their machine from Germany (using
probably Timbuktu Remote, which I've never seen) since they are novices
with computers.

So that's the current situation, and here are my initial questions:

Where is the line between "good enough" and "forget it" with CU-SeeMe?
Will this even work trans-Atlantic over the Internet? I would much
appreciate advise at this early stage.

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards
Dave Mason