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Joe Izen (
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 18:03:56 +0900


>Where is the line between "good enough" and "forget it" with CU-SeeMe?

Most important statistic is packet loss. <5% is great, 10% is annoying,
give up is >20%

>Will this even work trans-Atlantic over the Internet?

Depends on your own particular networking situation, which can be time
dependent. I routinely send signals between the US, Europe, and Japan, but
I am using bandwidth dedicated to high energy physics research. I have had
mixed results going over public nets to Europe. Try it and see. You might
ask if anybody on the list maintains a self-reflecting conference on a
public reflector. I do such test all the time, but using private

Very often the limiting factor is the BW between you and your ISP, and the
quality of service provided by your ISP, i.e. dropped packet fraction. WP
CUSM comes with a color codec which is only compatible with other WP
clients. Check with WP to see if their digitalk 8.5 kbit and voxware 2.4
kbit codecs are available in their mac client yet. They are out for PC
clients. I find that a 24000 baud connection with 0 packet loss is
sufficient to use the free Cornell client with the 16000 baud deltmod
encoding. I prefer the simpler interface of the Cornell client, but that
may be because I'm used to it.

Good luck,