Re: new to the list -- with questions

Rolf Hemmerling (
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 16:46:44 +0200

Dave Mason wrote:
> My primary aim is to use it for video conferencing with my parents.=20
> I live in Germany and have an Apple PowerBook 165 (33MHz, 28.8 modem);
Hey, I am a german living in Germany !

> My parents are in the USA and have a PowerMac (225MHz, 28.8 modem);
> Where is the line between "good enough" and "forget it" with CU-SeeMe?

The hardware choice was as bad as possible. With two PCs, and ICQ
installed, You may meet other people as soon as they enter the net,
the MAC version of ICQ is not yet released.

SO You must install the Four11 client (I hope that there is a MAC

Don=B4t meet Your parents on reflectors, use Four11 (and ICQ later) to
call Your parents *directly*, because both tools store the local
dynamic IP of Your PCs on their servers as soon as You log in.
With refs, You may throw Your MACs to the garbage (and any PC, too).

> Will this even work trans-Atlantic over the Internet? I would much
> appreciate advise at this early stage.
The problem with CU-SEEME is the audio bandwidth. The bandwidth
requirements for audio are *fat* in opposite to the bandwidth
requirements for audio of standard PC software codecs, all MAC versions
before the new White Pine 3.X version are not useful for 28.8 or 33
connections if You want to talk.=20

Delta-Mod audio: 16 kbps
Voxware 2.8 kbps
Video 15 kbps and more
Summa 32 kbps if just Delta-Mod is available

So with CU-SEEME before WP 3.X, You must use Delta-Mod audio, with
the new version, probably, the pc codec "Voxware" is expected to
work, if it is available at all for MAC (?). "Voxware" did not work with
the pc version of WP 2.1.1x and was not available for MAC.=20

Use a b/w Quickcam, b/w with 16 gray colors is faster than a
Color Quickcam (with 256 gray colors or even with real color).

Check the own Quickcam videophone and Ivisit software, too ! You are the
only user,almost, though :-( Bad marketing luck for Quickcam with this
software. Ivisit is fresh and new ! Have a try !

Just for video phoning, buying PCs is the right choice ! But just
to meet girls on the net as heterosexual boy, You must use CU-SEEME,
because all girls own MACs :-)


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