Audio & Video over phone lines with 28K modems

Richard Ashley (
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 21:24:47 -0400

I want to transmit good audio and half-decent (could be B&W) video to a
bunch of students over phone lines using 28K modems. I'm thinking of using
the White Pine CUSM, because the whiteboarding sounds useful and because
I've heard that it does a better job with compression than the Cornell
version. I would set it to B&W video (I assume I can do that), and (if
possible) allocate most of the bandwidth to audio.


1. Must I have the students buy the WP client also? Since they also have
to buy a textbook, that makes this course really expensive for them. Some
posts I have seen here seem to indicate that the WP codecs primarily help
with the color video.

2. Is this feasible at all? The video doesn't have to be as good as the
audio, but I don't want to have to freeze it altogether whenever I am

3. If it does work, can I expect to be able to use White Pine's
whiteboarding feature also?

4. Lastly, is there anything about my plans that really requires the WP
reflector, or will I be better off using Brian Goddette's reflector?

Rick Ashley