Re: Using Reflector Lists with New WP for Mac?

Jason Williams (
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 05:46:19 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, Bill Williams wrote:
> Is there a way to use any of the popular reflector lists (e.g.,
> Streak's scanner) as "phone books" for the White Pine 3.1 Mac
> preview? Presumably it's similar to whatever one is supposed to do
> for the Windoze 95 version, but I haven't a clue...

Very good question :)
I should probably add something like this to the help section of my page
for the 3.0 win95 users. The 3.0 phonebook format stores a lot of crap in
it. The contact list information, URL, etc. But all they did was extend
the basic nickname.ini file.
I'm clueless as far as 3.1 prerelease goes...I hope it's better than 3.1b2
But as far as 3.0 on win95, here's what you do..
Go to View -> Groups -> Edit Groups -> Add
Type in a name for the Group (Streak's List) or something..Click OK and Close
Select the new Group you've created...then load up a web browser. (if you
have enough memory..remember 3.0 is a serious memory hog).
Select the Nickname.ini format to download (after setting the sorting
options to however you want of course), then download it and save it as
"nickname.ini". Then go back to CU-SeeMe and select File -> Import
For the type of files..drop down to "Nickname.ini" and find where you
saved it. Hit OK and it should import all the nickname.ini refs into that
group. Doing this in 3.1 for the Mac should be very similiar (that is..if
the Mac version has that option in's supposed to have the same
features 3.0 on Win95 has now).
I just noticed if there are any reflectors which are in other groups, they
won't be imported into there...I guess the best bet then is to just put it
in the Group All..I dunno..3.0 is still too painful for me to use for more
than a few minutes at a time. I'm tortured enough in life without having
to mess with 3.0's interface.

A little side note: In viewing the help file for Enhanced CU-SeeMe 3.0 and
the FAQ at WP's web site, I notice an inconsistency. In dealing with "How
do I launch CU-SeeMe from a Web page" a quote from the misleading docs:
"Edit the mime.types file typically located in the /http/conf/ directory
to include the following line: application/x-cuseeme cu csm (This tells
the http daemon that if it receives a file with either the cu or csm
extension, that it is type x-cu-seeme.)"
Compared to :
"Edit the rmime.types file typically located in the /http/conf/ directory
(the http configuration directory) to include the following line:
application/x-cu-seeme cu csm
This tells the http daemon that if it receives a file with either
the .cu or .csm extension, it is type x-cu-seeme."

Is it application/x-cuseeme or application/x-cu-seeme ... just another way
White Pine is inconsistent...

Since someone posted about Enhanced CU 3.0/3.1..I'll try to come up with a
way to import with all the fields instead of just name, IP, and ID. I
spent some time looking thru it and it appears to support comma delimited export
and import. That should appear on the ref scanner sometime within the
next day or so. (5:45am here and I'm pooped). I'm hoping the Mac and PC
versions will both use the same formats since the help file for 3.1 is
just the pdf file from 3.0 for win95.

Off to bed...

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