Re: Announcing CUkiller

Mark (
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 09:18:23 -0700

something that i talked about with cornell, and could be easily
implemented by a ref operator with sufficient experience, would be:

a publicly accessible web page that allows the people who are connected
to a reflector "vote" on the particpation of the other people connected.

someone achieving a 60% (or whatever) "Boot Them" rating (where 60% of
the people connected to a reflector have clicked on a "deny service to
so-and-so" button) would get booted, the rest stay. it's a democratic

the advantage of having this on a web site is that none of the clients
have to change, and nor does the reflector. it can be implemented as a
cgi-script in perl quite easily.

this gets around the need for ref-monitors and "secret" web pages quite
elegantly, and allows a reflector to become self-policing.