Re: Announcing CUkiller

Jason Williams (
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 19:53:19 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 30 Aug 1997, Mark wrote:
> something that i talked about with cornell, and could be easily
> implemented by a ref operator with sufficient experience, would be:
> a publicly accessible web page that allows the people who are connected
> to a reflector "vote" on the particpation of the other people connected.
> someone achieving a 60% (or whatever) "Boot Them" rating (where 60% of
> the people connected to a reflector have clicked on a "deny service to
> so-and-so" button) would get booted, the rest stay. it's a democratic
> anarchy.

Actually..that's not a bad idea...but you have to think about how it'd be
implemented. It sounds like it would be better to have it built into the
client itself. Have the CU client tally up and send the info to the
reflector. If the reflector saw a certain percentage, it'd "auto-kill" the
offending party. A lot of the times, whoever is being killed has a lot of
the people on the reflector mad at him/her anyway.

As it is though, with a web page that allows for it, you have to do a lot
more work. The page would have to continually get a listing every few
secs of who's on the reflector after the first "kill request" for someone
goes out. You have to keep track of who's on the reflector at the time so
you can make sure the only people voting are the one's that are currently
on the reflector. Suppose someone leaves before percentage is reached?
Does their vote still count? Of course you'd have to put a time limit on
the tallying. Say "10 minutes to get 60% of the vote or it's cancelled."
The percentage has to be done away with once the tallying starts to
account for others joining and leaving the reflector after the first vote
is cast. Also, how do you deal with a "don't kick" option or do you? Do
you assume the people who haven't voted are essentially voting for the
offending person to NOT be kicked?

This is an interesting idea though...I may work on this for my reflector
and possibly add it in to the reflector scanner for other reflectors
later. It has possibilities, but as everything life..the gritty details
are the hard parts.

> the advantage of having this on a web site is that none of the clients
> have to change, and nor does the reflector. it can be implemented as a
> cgi-script in perl quite easily.

It would be much easier done if it was builtin to the client and reflector
(much the same way the ICQ chatting has a "boot" command which takes a
vote of the members before booting a participant). I still need to learn
perl though :)

> this gets around the need for ref-monitors and "secret" web pages quite
> elegantly, and allows a reflector to become self-policing.

That's true...but then as a reflector operator myself, I don't really like
the idea of giving the public the ability to kill people off. And
remember, all this talk is just for killing a participant. The true
offender will gladly come back and start acting up after their 1 minute is
up. If you look into doing denies the same way, it gets rather tricky :)

This has given me a few ideas I may work on when I have time (back in
school now).

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