Re: Announcing CUkiller

Mark (
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 19:00:33 -0700

Jason Williams wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Aug 1997, Mark wrote:
> > something that i talked about with cornell, and could be easily
> > implemented by a ref operator with sufficient experience, would be:
> >
> > a publicly accessible web page that allows the people who are connected
> > to a reflector "vote" on the particpation of the other people connected.
> >

> Actually..that's not a bad idea...but you have to think about how it'd be
> implemented.

it's a great idea and it's very easy to implement.

> It sounds like it would be better to have it built into the
> client itself.

perhaps, but given the inertia that this would entail overcoming it
rates as impossible to achieve within a tolerable time period.

> Also, how do you deal with a "don't kick" option or do you?

consider why the vote exists in the first place. imbeciles imposing
their moronic behaviour on a group of people who find that behaviour
offensive. by default the majority is composed of people who are staying
on the reflector. they are voting with their feet.

> > the advantage of having this on a web site is that none of the clients
> > have to change, and nor does the reflector. it can be implemented as a
> > cgi-script in perl quite easily.
> It would be much easier done if it was builtin to the client and reflector

agreed. but the problem is that it isn't now and voodoo economics have
been proven to be ineffective (trickledown). it would take forever to
achieve a situation where commonly a majority on a reflctor has the
required version. until then it was a waste of programming effort.

> > this gets around the need for ref-monitors and "secret" web pages quite
> > elegantly, and allows a reflector to become self-policing.
> That's true...but then as a reflector operator myself, I don't really like
> the idea of giving the public the ability to kill people off.

i disagree with you, in that i think that's a fine thing for the ref
participants to consider. yet it's obviously something for whoever is
actually organizing the ref to decide for themselves.

there's certainly a problem where refmon's can play a role that is more
akin to the pigs in animal farm than any of the other animals......

> And remember, all this talk is just for killing a participant. The true
> offender will gladly come back and start acting up after their 1 minute is
> up. If you look into doing denies the same way, it gets rather tricky :)

not really. it would be as easy to do denies as it would be to implement
kills (at least on the enhanced and wpine versions i am familiar with) ?

perhaps we should build a suitable interface into the enhanced version,
set it up on a separate port.

whatever. an idea for discussion. enjoy your holidays !