Re: CuSeeMe and ascend pipeline 25px

Tony deskin (
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 23:21:01 -0400

The Pipeline 25 using *dynamic ip* will not work with CU. I had the same
problem with mine and after many calls to Ascend and many hours of
pulling my hair out, in a nut shell here is what I came up with(its
actually more detailed than this, but to limit time). CU picks your IP
up from the the machine its self. The Ascend does not relay the IP to
your machine so your system is either the IP for your network "one you
assign" or "localhost". Ascend informed me that to get the
dynamic ip to *forward* to my machine I would have to get a pipeline 50
or 75. The 50/75 have a DHCP setting in them. This means that the IP it
gets from your ISP is forwarded to your machine, if you have DHCP set in
your Network settings. I tried everything to fool the system...WinGate
proxy sever, Microsoft proxy sever and so on. These do work but, now you
need two machines,one to act as a proxy sever, in the end I went out and
got a USR 128k ISDN Modem, installed, configured, and on line in less
than an hour.
Note the last I talked to Ascend, about 6 months ago, they had said they
did not think they would upgrade the 25 to allow IP forwarding like the
50/75, but you may want to check the ftp site for a patch.

Tony Deskin