Re; Geektalk Help

Cragin Shelton (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 20:57:16 -0400

web to GeekTalk for the mac,
for the latest program and the instructions

When Geektalk activates,it creates an added menu item to the far right. If
you got the program from some site other than the one above, I recommend
you go get it again, along with the docs. from here. Be sure you have
Version 2.0
If it is in the same folder as CU-SeeMe Cornell, it should run
automatically when you activate CU-SeeMe. It will not work with any version
of White Pine CU-SeeMe.


> Well I'm still confused.....I started cu and there is
>absolutely NO menu anywheres for Geektalk. Doesn't make any difference
>if I close the basic chat window or not, there is still nothing in
>existence for geektalk!! When I downloaded Cu 0.87b3(PPC) it placed an
>icon on my on it and it starts the program....hence,
>there is NO way of puting geektalk into it that I know of....therefore,
>how can I get Geektalk to work????? Does anyone know the address of
>the person who made the Geektalk program so I can ask him,,,,,MAYBE he
>can help me !!!!!