Re: Reflector will not load REFLECT.CFG

Jason Williams (
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 17:57:34 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 9 Aug 1998, Alan Engels wrote:
> I downloaded the Windoze version of Cornell's reflector.

Umm..Cornell doesn't have a Windows version of the reflector. will get you Brian Godette's
Enhanced Reflector which is BASED on Cornell's code but has been extended
quite a lot.

> Per the documentation, I placed the contents of the unzipped
> file in a directory of my choice. Upon trying to launch it, I get the
> msg that it could not load REFLECT.CFG. Ok, there wasn't one, so I made
> one like the sample in the documentation. I still get the error.
> Anyone have any ideas?

Are you sure you're running the Enhanced Reflector? The Enhanced
Reflector uses a default config filename of reflect.conf. When the
Enhanced Reflector is started with no config file, it responds with
something like:
"Version: Enhanced Reflector v1.07b9 (Jun 15 1998 01:31:59)
No Conferences! Creating default conf ID zero"

It sounds like you're trying to run the White Pine 2.1 reflector which
uses a default config filename of reflect.cfg. If so, you have to put the
reflect.cfg file into the directory that's the hostname of the machine.
At least that's how the Unix 2.1 reflector works. I'm not sure about
Win95/NT. If you are running the WP 2.1 reflector on Win95/NT, I'd
suggest you look into the Enhanced Reflector. The 2.1 reflector on
Windows is EXTREMELY buggy. Thankfully, White Pine fixed a lot of the
problems in MPCS. Unfortunately, MPCS is probably too expensive unless
you only want a small reflector and have some money to toss around.

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