Re: Problem w/ v0.92b2 when multiple NIC's are installed...

Phil (
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 22:47:25 -0400

>Steven A. Carlson wrote:
>> If I remove the TCP/IP binding from the NIC, then everything works just
>> fine. But, ultimately, I want to network my two PCs together, and when I
>> I have the feeling the problem will return.
>This is a genuine "Frequently Asked Question". Most of the time, you
>can solve this problem by deleting the Dialup Adapter, rebooting, then
>reinstalling the Dialup Adapter so that it is the LAST adapter

I'm not sure, but you also may be able to repair this situation by editing
SYSTEM.INI. The reason I'm not sure is I don't know for certain where the
references to the dialup adapter is stored.