Re: cu-seeme behind firewall

Scott Lacroix (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 14:52:33 -0400

ARGH! Make the message storming stop! Wow... what a mess that was!

At 01:25 AM 8/4/98 -0500, Bill Woodland wrote:
>At 04:48 PM 8/3/98 -0400, Kevin McCormick wrote:
>>Good point. CU Tech Support or Scoot Lacroix can best answer that one. =)

Sorry... was on vacation for a week... looks like you guys got the answers
you needed tho...

>>At 03:38 PM 8/3/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>I believe I read somewhere (maybe one of the README's) that H.323
>>>connections use another UDP port somewhere...not sure though.
>Those port numbers USED to be listed on that page, along with the port
>number for MJPEG. I can't imagine why somoene at WP would have removed
>that info. I think I copied that file to my local drive a while back. If
>I can find it, I'll post the info here.

Yep... they were all online at one time. Looks like the FAQ's are being
updated. Oh, and there is no special port for MJPG. It's just data, sent
over whatever protocol your using. In this case, either CUSM or RTP...
But wait, Paul found the ports! And he found them online too! Yay for
Paul! :)

At 02:32 PM 8/4/98 -0400, Paul Kingston wrote:
>The ports used for MeetingPoint (as listed on page 7-7 of the MeetingPoint
>v3.0 User Guide- are as follows:
>TCP Port 7640 - For sending Telnet commands to the server
>TCP Port 7642 - For the Web-based GUI
>TCP Port 7648 - For CU-SeeMe connections
>UDP Port 7648 - For CU-SeeMe data streams
>UDP Port 24032 - For RTP audio and video for CU 3.1 and later and H323
>TCP Port 1503 - For T.120
>TCP Port 1720 - For H323 call signaling

To this I would add one thing... if you're planning on doing H.323 through
a Firewall, you NEED to be SURE your Firewall supports it. Just opening the
ports is not enough since the H.323 protocol actually negotiates NEW ports
on the fly. There are only a few Firewalls that can handle this, check the
MeetingPoint web pages for which ones we KNOW we work with. ( for full info, for searching the tech-support database )

Best of luck...

- Scott


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