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Subject: Connectix Sells QuickCam Group to Logitech.

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To Our Valued Customers

We have exciting news about a significant new direction for Connectix
Corporation which we believe will provide greater customer value for both
our utility software and video hardware customers.

On August 10, 1998 Connectix entered into an agreement to sell
the QuickCam and QuickClip hardware product lines to Logitech. This
agreement is contingent on a small number of customary conditions,
including approval of the US Government under the Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR)
Act. While there can be no guarantee when or if this approval will occur,
if HSR approval is received on normal schedules this agreement will close
sometime in early September.

Users of QuickCam and QuickClip will continue to receive technical support
and customer service through Connectix until the closing of the agreement
and from Logitech thereafter. Details on how to contact Logitech for
support and product information will be posted to, as well
as to and Current users of Virtual PC,
RAM Doubler, Speed Doubler, Surf Express and other Connectix software
titles should not be affected by this transition.

Connectix has entered into this agreement to strengthen the two teams
that respectively provide utility software and video hardware solutions to our
customers. By focusing the efforts of Connectix exclusively on
software we look forward to expanding our commitment to powerful,
affordable and easy-to-use Macintosh, Windows and internet utilities as
well as
to developing some terrific new concepts in the online environment. And, by
partnering the market-leading QuickCam brand name of products with the
hardware peripheral experience of Logitech, we expect our former
hardware team (now with Logitech) to create even better PC-video solutions
for videoconferencing, video mail and photo-based entertainment.

If you have any questions or issues related to this transition please do
not hesitate to call us at 800/950-5880 or 650/571-5100 or email us at I personally look forward to beginning the second
decade of Connectix' growth with a renewed creative focus on the exciting
software projects ahead of us. All of us at Connectix appreciate your interest in
our product offerings and thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Roy McDonald
Connectix Corporation

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