problems with Cu-seeme and my equipment

Michael G. K. Canopin (
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 09:12:44 -0400

Hello sirs,

For the past three months I have been running Cu-seeme without my mic and
speakers running. I do have the mic and speakers hooked up, but for some
odd reason, it doesn't show up along side my cam. It used to run well when
I had Windows '95 running, but since I've installed '98, everything seemed
to go haywire.

I spoke to a salesperson here in Hawaii, and he suggested that I uninstall
Windows '98, and delete all of my '95 files, then re-install Windows '98.
I'm not too sure about this; is this supposed to fix my problems that I've
been encountering for the past 3 months? Please help me with my situation
as it affects my Cu-seeme which i spent good money to have.