Re: problems with Cu-seeme and my equipment

Jason Williams (
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 14:47:42 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 16 Aug 1998, Michael G. K. Canopin wrote:
> For the past three months I have been running Cu-seeme without my mic and
> speakers running. I do have the mic and speakers hooked up, but for some
> odd reason, it doesn't show up along side my cam. It used to run well when
> I had Windows '95 running, but since I've installed '98, everything seemed
> to go haywire.

>From what I understand, upgrading (or downgrading..however you choose to
look at it) to Win98 from Win95 can be messy. Lots of DLL problems with
their DLL manager (or whatever it's called). You may try uninstalling
your sound card drivers and reinstalling them and see if that fixes it.
Does the soundcard work with other programs ok? If not, that could fix
it. If it's just a CU problem, then I don't know.

> I spoke to a salesperson here in Hawaii, and he suggested that I uninstall
> Windows '98, and delete all of my '95 files, then re-install Windows '98.

Did you use the upgrade? If so, it's SUPPOSE to install over Win95. I
have heard others say "install from scratch" without the upgrade and
problems shouldn't arise. That's kind of like saying "If your radio you
just installed in your car doesn't work, strip the entire car down and
rebuild it from the bottom-up and it may work"

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