Re: problems with Cu-seeme and my equipment

Scott Breseke (
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 18:22:18 -0700

Mikey: with CU version the mic and speaker icons are *not*
supposed to show up next to your cam icon on your participant
list......that's the way it's supposed to look. Those icons don't show up
next to my name on the list either, but the mic and speakers both work
fine. If they aren't working then from the conference room screen go
customize/hardware and make sure the appropriate devices are selected there.



At 09:12 AM 8/16/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello sirs,
>For the past three months I have been running Cu-seeme without my mic and
>speakers running. I do have the mic and speakers hooked up, but for some
>odd reason, it doesn't show up along side my cam. It used to run well when
>I had Windows '95 running, but since I've installed '98, everything seemed
>to go haywire.
>I spoke to a salesperson here in Hawaii, and he suggested that I uninstall
>Windows '98, and delete all of my '95 files, then re-install Windows '98.
>I'm not too sure about this; is this supposed to fix my problems that I've
>been encountering for the past 3 months? Please help me with my situation
>as it affects my Cu-seeme which i spent good money to have.