Re: Macintosh/CU problem

john (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 14:22:15 -0400 (EDT)

You need to get the 6500 VDIG update from the machine specific software updates

In message <l03020903b1fdf55a5ae7@[]> writes:
> I have a Mac 6500. I'm using Connectix color cam. I just downloaded and
> installed White Pine's enhanced 2.0 version of CU.
> I used to be able to run CU on my Mac (both the Cornell version and the
> White Pine version) with constant success then over time, they both began
> to fail. At first, only frequently, then finally, they wouldn't run at all.
> I got cryptic error messages like... Type 1 error, then Type 2 error, then
> Type 3 error. I also got a message about not being able to find or load the
> appropriate Codec (greys) or the appropriate digitizer.
> In order to try to resolve the problem, I deleted all of the CU files on my
> hard drive. I deleted all of the files in the preferences folder that
> related to CU or White Pine.
> I figured if I reinstall the program, the new Codec's would be able to be
> found... no luck. I'm still getting error messages about not being able to
> load the appropriate Codec or digitizer file.
> Any suggestion?