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CarPromo (
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 10:56:45 -0500

Actually there is a pretty slick way of doing this, AltaVista has a site
called "Babelfish"
where you can enter the URL of any website and it translates that website
to one of several languages.

In my experience the translation is only fair, but the people on the other end

do get the general understanding of what was meant...

Just point her toward Squeek's (wonder how that will translate?) Cornell or
the Wpine site...

Dalnet's CuseemeHelp channel

Doug Macduff wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am translating this as a favor for the women who wrote us all in spanish
> regarding her unability to speak
> our language. She is asking where she can download the latest version of
> the CU. It seems she has enuff difficulty not knowing our language that I
> think we should give her a version that is not too difficult to set up.
> What do you all say?
> Thanks in advance,
> Doug
> Vietnam 1970-71
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