Re: Digitizer problems??

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:30:55 -0400

You need to get the 5500/6500 vDig updater from apple software update
download site (don't have the URL handy right now).

Keep the Avid Cinema Extension removed as well.


>I am hoping someone could help me get up and running with the
>videoconferencing setup that I have. I have a Mac 5500/225 with system
>7.6.1 running I have a regular video camera connected to the "in" composite
>on the Computer and have downloaded CuSeeMe version 0.8763 and upon first
>running the software The picture, compression and video portions of the
>pull down screen settings were in gray and I could not manipulate them.
>Then I loaded the connectix software and the videc 1.0.3 and after throwing
>CUSeeme preferences away I could get the picture, compression and video
>portions in bold, so I set the video setting to Built-in and I got a CONFIG
>Digitizer -2208 error...quit NOW prompt..... Any suggestions?? the only way
>I can get the to the video in bold menu is by throwing away the CUSeeme
>prefs away each time. I would greatly appreciate the help. P.S. I do have
>Avid Cinema Running(Which has a seperate PCI OUT Board installed) but
>disabling the Avid Cinema Extension and rebooting made no difference...Also
>the regular eyebaal camera works when plugged into the Modem
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