Mac G3 and sound

Stan Woo-Sam (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 09:50:42 -0700

I've having some audio trouble with PowerMac G3/266s running Cu-SeeMe
.87b3. Basically there's no audio. Video works fine. I've tried this
with just point to point connections and reflector connections. I've used
Cu-SeeMe on a powermac 8100 just fine and on the G3's I'm able to use other
audio input programs such as MicNotePad Lite but Cu-SeeMe is giving me
trouble. The mic is plugged in and working as the display on Cu-SeeMe
shows that input is being received when I speak into the mic. I've checked
and tried the audio codecs between the two machines and they are the same.
The audio just doesn't seem to be transmitted on these machines. All I can
think is that there is some incompatibility between these machines and this
version of Cu-SeeMe. Any ideas or info?

Stan Woo-Sam
School of Humanities
UC Irvine