Frustrated over reflectors

Alan Engels (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 21:46:53 -0500


I have been experimenting with reflectors because I think we could use
one at work, but first I have to know how to do it and them demonstrate
it to our CEO.

Following is what I have tried.

Reflector from Cornell: It appears to launch, then disappears.

Prism Reflector: It launches and appears to reside in background.
Refman appears to lunch and disappears.

A reflector I downloaded for the Macintosh appears to operate properly.
Refmon for it launches and comes up with a screen giving me some choices
with a message window for me to type in. I have no idea what to do

What have I tried to operate the programs on? At work, a Compaq 120
Meghz Pentium with 40 Meg RAM. 10baseT LAN to the router for internet
connection. Unfortunately, it is behind a firewall, Cisco Systems PIX
Firewall Series. At home, Macintosh G3 with VirtualPC 2.0 &
Windoze95. My Hayes 56K is out right now so I am using a Supra 33.6.
My ISP is 56K, V.90.

At work, I have checked with our ISP about problems caused by the
firewall and I did not get any help. They seem to be worried about a
hole in the firewall.

I have no idea how to operate a reflector should I get one operating. I
have searched, but have not found much information or instructions. It
would be much easier and faster with instructions over trial and error.
Where might I find instructions?

I would be interested in any ideas and corrections to the cause of these

Also, I thought Cu-doodle may work well for conferencing. However,
after carefully reading the instructions and editing the system.ini
file, Cornell's cuseeme 1.0 ignores it. Any ideas here?

Have a GREAT day,
{: -)