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Gary Dietz (
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 10:37:58 -0400

I have the same environment on my laptop as well.

Here is what I do to make it work.

When I am on the road, and want to be able to dial in through AOL 32 bit, I
select my LAN adapter and REMOVE the IP addresses from the LAN adapter

This seems to make Win 95 happy, as now the only adapters active are my AOL
and Dialup. It seems that the third adapter confuses Win95.

I understand that actually REMOVING the LAN adapter makes it work too, but
that is too much effort to do each time I hit the road and return.


P.S. That is the only time I've ever responded to someone with an e-mail
of "HungStud" ;-)

At 09:18 AM 8/27/98 EDT, wrote:
>I am using a Dell Latitude laptop to run CuSeeMe from AOL.... The problem
I am
>having is that all of the versions of CuSeeMe I can find require America
>Online for Windows 95 to run properly... Because my laptop hooks up to a
>network when I am at work, I cannot use the 32 bit version of AOL because the
>AOL adapter interferes with the network adapter... Because of that, I was
>told that I need to use the 16 bit version of AOL... Is there a 16 bit
>version of CuSeeMe still available that I can get to work with the 16 bit
>version of AOL or is there a better solution than this? Any ideas would be

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