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Thu, 27 Aug 1998 10:00:15 -0700

You can also give Netswitcher a try. It basically manages multiple LAN profiles for you. It's at

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>I have the same environment on my laptop as well.
>Here is what I do to make it work.
>When I am on the road, and want to be able to dial in through AOL 32 bit, I
>select my LAN adapter and REMOVE the IP addresses from the LAN adapter
>This seems to make Win 95 happy, as now the only adapters active are my AOL
>and Dialup. It seems that the third adapter confuses Win95.
>I understand that actually REMOVING the LAN adapter makes it work too, but
>that is too much effort to do each time I hit the road and return.
>P.S. That is the only time I've ever responded to someone with an e-mail
>of "HungStud" ;-)
>At 09:18 AM 8/27/98 EDT, wrote:
>>I am using a Dell Latitude laptop to run CuSeeMe from AOL.... The problem
>I am
>>having is that all of the versions of CuSeeMe I can find require America
>>Online for Windows 95 to run properly... Because my laptop hooks up to a
>>network when I am at work, I cannot use the 32 bit version of AOL because the
>>AOL adapter interferes with the network adapter... Because of that, I was
>>told that I need to use the 16 bit version of AOL... Is there a 16 bit
>>version of CuSeeMe still available that I can get to work with the 16 bit
>>version of AOL or is there a better solution than this? Any ideas would be
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