Cornell CUSeeMe V.1 & Lan/DialUP Mixed Environment

Ray Mercer (
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 09:08:58 +0900

I've been using the new color CU from Cornell for a couple of months now and
it is absolutely fantastic.

The biggest problem I have experienced with it is as follows:
At work I have a LAN-fixed IP (behind a firewall) and various dial-up ISP
accounts (for when I want to get over the Firewall). I have used this setup
with many types of SW in the past without problem - i.e., if I establish a
dialup account with my modem, the SW will use the dial-up IP. However, for
some reason Cornell CU will not recognize my dialup IP address no matter
what I do. I tried playing around with Hosts files and the cu-seeme.ini as
well as my Network settings to no avail. In fact, on one machine (a Win98
box) now the CU client reports my IP as no matter what I do (this is
NOT my IP fixed or otherwise).

How can I tell CU to use a specific IP? It seems to ignore the Hosts file
on my machine.

Ray Mercer
Yokohama, Japan