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> CU-SEEME-L Digest 1589

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> 6) Re: Help!
> by "Jamie Erbes" <>

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i tried netswitcher sometime back and had some difficulty getting cuseeme
to work after i had switched from my ethernet settings to my dun settings
or vice versa. can you use netswitcher to switch between ethernet settings
and dun settings without any problems when running cuseeme?

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> Subject: Re: Help!

> You can also give Netswitcher a try. It basically manages multiple LAN
>profiles for you. It's at

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> >I have the same environment on my laptop as well.

> >Here is what I do to make it work.

> >When I am on the road, and want to be able to dial in through AOL 32 bit, I
> >select my LAN adapter and REMOVE the IP addresses from the LAN adapter
> >settings.

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